~ THREE SISTERS: One Woman's Walk ~



In our family, I am the oldest daughter of five children, with two sisters and two brothers. Both of my sisters have sadly passed away in separate and unexpected illnesses. Diana passed in 1996, and Barbie in 2000. My mother and father are living close by, and I see them often. Both of my brothers and their families are close by as well. Each of my sisters had a son. I am happy that both of my nephews are living close enough to visit often. I especially love visiting my parents to talk about family history. My father has done a wonderful job documenting our family photographs since I was a young child. He has also done a great job writing his memories and stories of his family history. My mother recently has started talking about her history and my father is documenting what he can of her life. My parents are both inspirational in all they have contributed to me throughout my life. They have been consistent in their ability to grow and change and develop for themselves. They live their lives with love and sacrifice in behalf of their five children, seven grandchildren and ten great grandchildren, with more to come.

I am a first generation college graduate. My masters degree is in human development. I teach part time at the local community college and am also in private practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I am very happily married to my best friend and collaborator. We have been married eleven years and counting. I have two beautiful, gifted daughters, raising families of their own with their beloved husbands. We have four grandchildren (to date). My husband has one outrageous, on fire son, and his wife is adorable.

Our marriage has been built on respect, trust, safety and enduring attention to how well we care for each other and most importantly how we work to care for ourselves individually. This is the key to our relationship; steady effort toward continued self-respect and self-care. Working professionally with my husband has been one of the most honorable experiences of my life. My husband and I love to work, play, and relax in the special garden sitting areas we have built together. The gardens are a reflection of our love for each other. I delight in growing flowers in our gardens and taking pictures of them in all seasons. This summer our four Grandchildren were visiting for the first time all together. We danced and played and picked the flowers and vegetables in the garden beds! It was a joyous time of love and harvest.

Six years ago I started taking Middle Eastern dance lessons for fun and exercise. The doctor recommended I exercise three to four times a week (you need to sweat when you exercise, she said). I had a business card that I had picked up at a Greek restaurant advertising belly dancing lessons setting by my computer for a year. I decided to call the number. After the first class, I knew I was going to be learning Middle Eastern dance for a long time. I am still dancing and having fun practicing and making my own costumes for the annual summer MedFest performances! This year will be the fifth performance for our dance group. Our teacher is a very dear person. For me this is a story of sheer determination and fun hearted will power. I fight off the hidden voices of destruction that tell me I am not good enough, or to old, or too this or that, and still I face the dance and the fabric and the "full catastrophe" week after week.

This blog is dedicated to my beloved sisters, Diana Marie Bonner 1950-1995 and Barbara Lorain Bonner 1953-2000. Over the past 15 years understanding the loss of each dear one has tumbled me into an ever-present transformation, now documented through this writing. I am now taking joy on fully, and throwing off every bit of trepidation that clings to my bones as day by day I strive to learn to overcome, recover, uncover, and discover my walk. The path begins with me. Rebirth is a choice.

Chuck Britt, MA, LMFT and Connie Bonner-Britt, MA, LMFT
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