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Understanding How My Dreams Manifest My Reality 08-31-2012

I am discovering my dreams to appear to be waking dreams.
I am discovering how my fears appear to get in the way of realizing my dreams.
I am discovering how to focus on what makes me happy and able to speak out about my hopes and fears.
I am discovering how to realize my true self.
I am discovering how to become my true self.
I am discovering how to move through a mountain of emotional steel into a meadow of blessings and transformation.

CMB Aug/2012
computer art by J. Gomez titled “Nonni Mountain”



Maria Montessori 142 Birthday on “google doodle” today, August 31, 2012 08-31-12





Why Maria Montessori and her teachings
are “Good Medicine” for you and your children

I received my training certificate for teaching the Montessori Method for children two to six years of age from St Nicholas Montessori Training Centre, London England, in 1978. My daughters were eight and six at the time. It took me about four years of correspondence and in class practicum to complete the work. I began studying her work in 1970 after the birth of my first daughter. As I read her work I changed my understanding of how early development and learning occurs in young children. As I integrated the principles of Dr Maria Montessori it changed how I viewed both myself and my children. I read many of Montessori’s books, along with the curriculum for the course. The practical teaching not only gave my children opportunity for development it gave me opportunity for re-development as well. I no longer felt responsible for their learning, I felt responsible for mine and they in turn blossomed in all areas developmentally, as did I. I was a poor reader and received very little help throughout my school years. As an adult Montesorri’s work transformed me. Here is a quote from he:

“The scientific laboratory, the field of Nature where the teacher will be initiated into ‘the observation of the phenomena of the inner life’ should be the school in which free children develop with the help of material designed to bring about development.”
(Montessori, 1971, p. 140).

The site below is a good place to begin to understand the Montesorri Method and how children learn about the world.

MONTESSORI on Facebook


Choosing a Daily Practice of Healing for Yourself 05-02-12

I started learning about Reiki in 2000, when Brenda, a dear friend and Native American Healer for women, told me about Beckey’s work. Now, I had been working with Brenda beginning in 1996, after the passing of my sister. Sat through many sweat lodges and woman’s healing groups with Brenda learning about my self and how to heal from grief and loss, as well many other difficult issues I was holding at the time. Brenda shared the teachings from her family and from her mentor, author/healer Jamie Sams, practicing and teaching the healing arts and recovery she learned for herself over many years. I hope to continue to be a part of woman’s healing groups for many more years. God Bless you Brenda.

Beckey is my Reiki Master. Since my first Reiki treatment in 2000, I have been taking Reiki trainings and practicing Reiki for others and myself. I am now a Reiki Master (in training). Doing the work only gets easier of course after it gets much harder in the beginning. I have learned to accept the love and knowledge within myself with compassion, love, and gratitude. So here is where and how I learned to become aware of my daily practice of self-healing. Even though becoming conscious of my process for choosing a daily practice of self healing often seems to be like lifting weight that is forever too heavy to get off the ground. The more I learn to let go of the weight, the lighter the practice of self-healing becomes, and therefore the increase in the awareness/consciousness of the process. Here is where I began to realize the value in making thoughtful choices, no matter how long it takes. By becoming conscious of noticing and acknowledging my feelings and needs, a change began to take place for me, I was becoming aware of my original voice. I will always be grateful for this remembering and I really believe from my own experience that this process of healing cannot be done in isolation, nor can it be done by anyone else but me. So how does this work, how does this happen?

A daily practice of healing happens from my daily choices and experiences, and my courage to be aware and conscious of my feelings and needs, which comes from being in touch with what is going on inside my body. Whenever I remember to label/name my feelings and give them the utmost value I am experiencing my original voice. My voice is my life’s creative work, which is expressed through my life’s stories as an individual. Choosing first to be responsible for my own actions and role as wife, mother, friend, family relative, sister, daughter, grandmother, co-worker all of it. Acknowledging my voice, my life, my story, is the path. A I learn to share my original voice with those I trust and feel safe with, I deepen my understanding, ground myself as I acknowledge who I am and my original voice. When I allow myself to feel the anxiety, and other difficult feelings that may cause me to feel uncomfortable, I know I am in my body and therefore become able to effectively take care of the difficult feelings (because I am aware of them). How I become aware is by listening to my feelings and needs and discomfort that I am experiencing within my body. I must listen deeply to my feelings and needs, because this is how I loose the burden of the weight. I become aware of my original voice as I create and commit to my daily practice of self-healing.

You are welcome to contact me and schedule a counseling and/or Reiki session to discuss choosing a daily self-healing practice for yourself. You are welcome to share your thoughts here through this blog, so we can learn from each other’s experiences. As I continue my process of practicing my self healing through the arts passed to me from Brenda, Beckey, and my husband and best friend as well, and my grandmothers, mother and sisters, and many other dear friends and spiritual healers and guides, I need to remember to not choose to let myself become isolated. We need to be sharing and linking with each other in all the ways we can to learn everything we can about each other and ourselves in order to not be isolated from our own healing path. I believe this will guide the process of choosing and developing a daily practice of healing. Of course we need solitude, quiet times, meditation, reflection, individual alone time, this is different than isolation. Gratitude to Brenda and Beckey for their courage in not isolating themselves from their healing path and self knowledge as they share their learning experiences with those they trust.

Below please find links to our web sites where you can learn more about the art of identifying, labeling and processing feelings and needs as a daily healing practice, as well as find other helpful resources for yourself.


God’s Blessing of Light be upon you,

Connie (Spomagit Ahkeewah)


Friendship, Scents of Spring and Fresh Awakenings 04-25-12
Spring 2012 has arrived with a quiet and cold brush of late snow. Our fifth grand child, River, had his first birthday. We had a blessed fall and winter. Daffodils planted in the winter by our grand daughter and bought from her schools fund raising event in the fall, are blooming brightly in the garden. Waiting for the sun to warm up the earth a few more degrees before planting sweet peas and snow peas. Chives, chard, rhubarb, and various herbs coming alive now in the garden. I planted two new roses in February and am looking forward to discovering their unique colors and scents. I have been cooking new recipies and enjoying the outcome of my adventures into new spices and tastes. Time to get onion sets soon and decide on what more I want to grow in my garden beds this year.

Here in this post is a picture I took when we were on Pilgrimage in Israel. This photo was taken at the Hadar in Akka' Israel, after visiting the Baha'i Holy Places in the area. Next to the beauty of the Shrines were the smells of the spices at the Hadar, astonishing to me.

On March 24th Chuck and I presented the Therapeutic Parenting Tools to 40 participants at the annual Skagit Valley College Connections Conference. Our three hour workshop was titled "Value The Family, Value The Child". It was presented in English and Spanish. Joining us as our translator and assistant was a wonderful young woman we have been mentoring for some time now. She has been learning the tools and assisting the interpretation of the materials with the goal of developing a Spanish Therapeutic Parenting Group. To my great surprise, my dear friend attended the workshop and recognized me during her introduction as her long time friend and spiritual sister. I was so taken back to see her that I lost my breath when I began to speak and honor her presence to the group. Her presence in my life is a true honor and blessing. he worshop was a great success.

I recently found the web site below and have emailed the creator of it for information in hopes of finding further family links. No word back yet.




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