~ THREE SISTERS: One Woman's Walk ~
POSTS 2010

My True Eyes 09-26-10

Renewal springs from letting go of false expectations

Pretense, self-doubt and denial of my spiritual self

Renewal is giving in to life, letting in, letting go

I am a dancer

Through my dance I feel uplifted in body, mind and spirit

I am taller, firmer in balance and walk

I dance to give myself renewal, letting go the self-doubt that fills my body

Letting in feelings of happiness as the music lifts my spirit

I dance for emotional release, letting go of outside eyes peering in

Letting in the joy of seeing and feeling through my true eyes

I am a dancer

I dance to hear the music fill my bones with laughter

Spill out my fingertips as I twirl

I dance to let in the rainbow threads of color that have always surrounded my soul

My true eyes fill with knowing my life is fragile, I let go

Yes! I let go

Dance is like prayer in motion, I offer my dance as prayer in motion

I let go of fear and let in the experience joy brings through my dance

My true eyes are not abandoned,

I have not abandoned my self, my spirit, my mind or my body

Letting in renewal, letting go of out side eyes

I am a dancer


The Varaga River Story

Janet Wollan (choreographer)
Connie Bonner-Britt
Karen King
Diana Lindberry
Pam Trotta

Varaaga Nathi
A.R. Rahman
Introducing A. R. Rahman

Chuck Britt


Nine Therapeutic Parenting Tools For Parents and Professionnals by Connie Bonner-Britt, MA and Chuck Britt, MA

The content of this book is drawn from the work of many social scientists, theorists, and Wisdom Keepers in the fields of child care, psychology, child and family therapy, and human physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. Particularly influential have been, Joan Erikson, Erik Erikson, Margaret Mahler, Maria Montessori, Stanley Greenspan, and the principles of the Baha’i Faith on consensus building.

Our inspired colleague, Rob McCauley, participated in the early stages of the collection of these ideas.

Two guiding principles at Skagit Family Study Center are: 1. Human beings do not automatically know how their feelings serve to draw attention to their needs. 2. Humans must learn from other loving humans how to take responsibility for taking care of their own feelings and needs. When we impulsively make plans based only on what is happening outside of us in the world, and with other people, without reference to what is happening in our own bodies, we will often find ourselves feeling frustration or even hopelessness.

We believe the Five Step Self Time Out process helps human beings move through the natural stages of human development by providing a tool to help us pay attention to our own feelings and needs. We have also found that this process helps us stay attuned to our deepest spiritual beliefs. We have found that when parents choose to use the Five Step Self Time Out and the other principles in this book, over a period of months, their children begin to choose to use Five Step Self Time Outs to make plans that are more effective. We are devoted to supporting families and being part of the community effort to help families of every description feel whole and be whole. We believe that this can be accomplished only when each family member feels whole and is whole. We believe that this can only happen when each family member continues to move through his or her natural stages of social, emotional, and spiritual development.

The Parenting Tool Box and the Therapeutic Parenting Tools are intended to support parents in reducing the need for therapy by showing them how to stay “in role” and by giving them the tools to heal their own families. If your family or your child is currently in therapy or counseling, one of the best ways to make the most of the therapy is to use The Parenting Tool Box and become a partner at home in the process of healing.



Chuck Britt, MA, LMFT and Connie Bonner-Britt, MA, LMFT
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